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I'd like to dedicate this page to JUST poetry. So if you have anything that you'd like me to post please feel free to send it to me, and I'll get it up on my page as soon as I can!

I've always really enjoyed writing, and I'll be posting some of my own work up here too. It's amazing how you can express so much in something written. Your true emotions seem to shine through in writing; sometimes even more so than speech.

Shimmer glimmer bright
A known face in the high darkness
   Surrounded by friends


To Xavier...
Fun sweet caring
A person you want to be with
Always forever

A best friend is the most special person to have in your life. And I've found one. He may be a bit away, but he's ALWAYS close to my heart. HIYA! and a BIG HUG!

Pikachu Page!

Touch the Heart
To My Love
Thoughts About Summer 1999
To a Friend
A Thought About Time NEW
A Thought About True Friendship NEW
A Thought About Looking Forward NEW


Special Friend

Sudden Fate


Come and see my NEW photo album of Montreal!


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