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Which Friends are Real and True?

Have you ever thought about your friends? How true they are, or which ones you can really count on? Well, I have been able to reflect over the past few years. I can see who really cared, who still does and the quality of friendship I have with my newer friends. I guess I have become a better judge of character - and I was pretty good even in the beginning…

Okay, so friends… well, in my personal opinion friend are much more than people you hang out with. Friends are people who are there to share in both the good and bad times in your life - true friends will not let little things get in the way of your friendship. I found out who my true friends were the hard way. In high school I fell into a group of "nice" people. We went to school events together, hung out together some weekends, were in some of the same classes, the works. Suddenly, I started getting migraine symptoms but they were new to me and none of the doctors I went to were able to really pin-point the problem. I had to stay home from school because I was in misery in large crowds (as most migraine sufferers are), so I did all my school work at home with me as my own teacher (I'm very proud that I was so successful in my final year!). Some of my "best"friends were afraid to catch whatever I had, so they wouldn't even come to see me. Only three true-blue friends (one of whom I've now lost contact with) stuck by me. So, long story short, even though my two friends and I are an hour and a half away, we keep in touch by phone and e-mail (one of them being my bestfriend from high school).

Speaking of bestfriends… I always knew that to have a real relationship with someone of the opposite sex, a friendship of some sort had to be included in the package. I never believed that I would find a BESTfriend - someone I can tell all my secrets, my plans for the future, things I've done in the past, EVERYTHING - but I have. Xavier is my best friend. I have to admit that it is intellectually interesting because I'm now getting to see things through a male's eyes, getting his viewpoint, etc. Sure, I've had friends who were guys before, but not on the same level as now. It works both ways too, it's unbelievable. You know how they sing "A Whole New World" in Disney's "Aladdin," well I've found a whole new word in my friendship with Xavier (he is also a wonderful boyfriend!!).

Like I said before, friends stick by you if they are true… they don't run when the going gets tough - like my high school friends did. They never really understood how I felt when I had my headaches (and still do) and I now believe they didn't care. The difference now is my friends honestly care. They are not the insensitive people I once knew and hung out with . My friends of now are sensitive and care about how I feel, what I'm thinking and what I need. I feel the same way about then, I'm always there for them when they need me - I'll always do whatever to help. Life is so much better knowing that I have friends who are there that I can count on.

Friends are like a second family, where would we be without them? Probably somewhere feeling cold and alone; but, with friends around things are warm and fun. I guess I count myself lucky having the friends I do - they're super. Thanks to you all!!