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Never Forget...

All ladies are women, but not all women are ladies.

What makes a woman unforgettable? Is she caring,
loving, aware and responsive to the needs of others?
Does she share her feelings with her chosen partner
or friends and is not self-centered? Is what she
looking for in a man is his financial status, popularity,
physical attributes, or perceived intellect? Or does she
accept a man for what he is, as he is, and not want to
change his morals, values or his ways as long as they
are reasonable? Is she willing to give of herself as
easily as she receives from others?

What makes a woman unforgettable? A smile or laugh
for no particular reason? An "I love you" out of the blue?
A walk on a beach with the moon glittering off her hair
and sparkling in her eyes and no words having to be
exchanged to reinforce the feelings being shared?
Understanding your feelings, needs, problems and
cares without explanation? A kiss on the cheek without
provocation? An "I'm sorry" from the heart? An electric
feeling from a kiss? Holding hands, putting her head
on your shoulder, or giving you a peck on the cheek in
public without being embarrassed? To be able to cry
when she is sad, hurt, lonely or depressed and not
being embarrassed to do so?

What makes a woman unforgettable? Is she secure
with herself in her emotions, feelings and self-esteem?
Does she take care of herself both physically and her
outward appearance to the best of her ability? Can
she share her feelings and desires with others without
worrying about "what will other people think"?

What makes a woman unforgettable? This is really
not a fair question. There are a million different things
under a million different circumstances that come into
play. There is no one single answer or a "set
combination" of answers to this question. So much
depends on the individual, what the circumstances are,
what the atmosphere is, what you are looking for -- a
simple conversation, a friendship, a relationship?

A woman may be unforgettable upon first sight or the
first meeting of her. Or, she may become unforgettable
after several or many occasions after the true individual
is known.

What makes a woman unforgettable? Just being a
woman and herself. All women are "unforgettable" in
their own special way.
Don't attempt to put specifications on an "unforgettable
woman" as if she is a piece of merchandise. She is
human and has feelings, wants, desires and needs just
as does man. She is a lady -- she is a woman.