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Love is probably the one undefinable thing in life. It is different to each and every one of us. If you've found it though, don't ever let go.

Learning to Love

Watching you move,
Watching you sleep,
Watching you smile,
Watching you weep.

Wanting you near,
We both know itís true,
My life will not be lived,
If I havenít watched you.

A Mystery
It never should have happened,
She never should have fallen,
But she did - and he felt it too.

A connection, a bond, a friendship,
Both wishing it could be more.
Too far apart to be possible,
But too close to let go of.
And in the end,
they both will wait,
And fate will play itís hand.

Summer Passion

Sitting in the courtyard
Feeling the warm summer rain
Fall on my bare shoulders
Slowly run down my arms
And drip off my fingertips.

I raise my head
To see you standing there;
Our eyes meet
Revealing a hidden closeness
That only we can release.

We sit holding each other;
Listening to the rain
Touching, skin to skin
Kissing, with a deep passion.

In this moment
We are together
As one.

Autumn Leaves
A couple lies In the autumn grass,
Letting time casually pass.
Colored leaves flying in the air,
Both of them laughing
Without a care.
They turn to each other
Face to face,
Knowing all is right between them,
They embrace.

The sun is setting,
The day is nearly done,
They walk together through the leaves,
Feeling as though they are one.

There is only one chance
To meet your first love.
It will be innocent and fun-filled,
There are no guarantees whatsoever;
But that is part of the adventure.

When it is over
you feel empty one day
And go on with life the next;
For you realize there
Is someone else out there for you,