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Judge Lander

"All right, let's take our chances and hope the judge has left for his regular squash game by now," Mark said, leading Madison through the small hall. They stopped to knock on the door, and when there was no response, Mark opened it. Madison was the first to go through. She suddenly drew in a breath. "Oh no!" Mark whispered to her. 

Feeling an apology was in order, Madison started, "Oh! Judge Lander, please excuse us, we were trying to avoid the media. Very sorry to interrupt you."

"Yes we never meant to… Madi, he's not moving."

Judge Lander sat in front of them in his over-sized, leather chair, eyes wide, hands on his desk, looking quite distinguished as always. The only problem was, he was too still.

Mark slowly advanced and reached out to feel the judge's neck. The movement caused the body to fall forwards and reveal a blood-soaked hole in the back of the judge's robe. Madison let out an ear-piercing scream. She could deal with criminals and the legal system, no matter how bad it got; but, corpses were not her strong suit.

"Madison, calm down and I'll call 911. If you can get a hold of Andrew - do it!"

Mark reached for the nearby phone using a part of his trench coat to pick it up, while Madison took her cellular from her blazer pocket. She dialed in the Sydney police and hoped that Detective Andrew McCoy would be in his office. "Sydney Police, District 11. Sergeant Kinder here, how may I help you?"

"Hello Shelly. This is Madison Wells. Is Andrew around, please? It's urgent."

"He was just leaving, you're lucky you've caught him. Just a sec Madison."

Madison waited only seconds before Andrew picked up, "Madi, sorry ‘bout that file today. It took longer than I thought it would, but you'll have it tomorrow."

"Andrew! Madison interrupted, "This isn't about the file. Judge Lander has been shot - he's dead."

"What, are you serious? Where are you? You okay? Is someone with you?" he responded, concern filling his voice.

"I'm at the courthouse, in Lander's chambers. Mark is with me and he just called 911, but we thought you should be here. Forget all the questions and just get over here Andrew."

"I'm on my way." was the response she received, and before she knew it he was gone.

Mark looked at Madison as she hung up, "So, do we wait here or out in the hall?"

"Good question - I wonder which would be best by "police" standards. Personally, I'd love to leave and wait out there, but legally I would say it's better to stay."