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Getting Out!

"Forget the legal aspect, let's wait outside," Madison said.

I'll second that!"

Mark opened the door, and he and Madi moved into the front hallway. Soon after they could hear approaching sirens, and ten minutes later Andy stood before them asking questions. "All right, now where exactly is the judge?"

"In there, in his chair," said Madison, pointing towards the door.

"I'll be back. Stay out here you two. Anderson," he said, "You're with me."

The two men entered the room, and Andy came straight back out laughing. "Nice prank Madi! You really got me this time.

Andy was nearly doubled over with laughter. "Andy, what's going on?" demanded Madison, in a VERY firm tone.

"Don't give me that. C'mon, very funny… call me up and say someone's been murdered and then nothing."

"Andy it wasn't a prank."

The look on Madi's face told Andy that she wasn't kidding. "Madison, there is NO body in there. Where is it?"

"Oh no.. the back entrance! Is the door open in there Andy?" asked Mark, "That's actually how we got in, but I closed the door."

Looking in the room they could all see that the door was open, and the body was no longer in the chair. "It was there Andy… Mark and I only stepped out here a few minutes before you arrived."

Well, it's gone now, and this building has to be secured. Hope you don't have plans tonight guys, you're going to be here for a while. So, who do I question first, Mark or Madi?"