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Staying Inside

"We have to stay in here. After all, what if someone comes back and drags the body off out the back door. Andy would have a fit! How many times do killers return to the scene or what if we interrupted the person?"

"Okay, okay, we'll stay put," Mark gave in.

Everything was quiet for a few minutes until a rush of footsteps filled the hallway. Slowly the door opened and Andy walked in. "Madison, you're all right?" was the first thing out of his mouth.

"Well, it's not everyday I find a dead body on my way home from work, but…" and she left it at that.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "I'd say you're doing all right." With a nod, he acknowledged Madi's assistant," Mark."

"Andy," Mark returned

Andy and his men circled around the body, chalking and making sketches. "Ummm.. guys? You'll have to move out to the hall now until we're done in here."

"Sure thing; come on Madi," Mark said, taking her hand.

Andy's eyes move to the place where Madison and Mark's hands met, and an unusual look crossed his face. "Don't go anywhere. I'll need to ask you a few questions."

"We won't."

"How about meeting in the lobby, Andy? Mark and I will grab a coffee down there," Madison asked.

"That's fine. Just be careful, we don't know who's around here. I have men on all floors, and I'll get Anderson here to take you down."

Madi gave him a smile, ‘Same old Andy,' she thought, ‘Always looking out for me.'

Mark and Madison followed Sergeant Anderson out the door.

"Sir!" exclaimed one of the officers, bursting through the door, "We've found a .38 in the dumpster outside!"

Before Andy could say anything, another officer ran into the room through the back entrance, "Sir! We've found a knife covered in fresh blood in the courtroom!"

Andy looked from left to right… should he secure the knife or the revolver first?