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The Courtroom

They sat with silence between them, waiting. Where was he? Why was it taking so long? She looked over at her partner; he too had a puzzled look on his face. She glanced down at her watch - 4 p.m. already. ‘Well , this wasn't going to work' she thought, ‘Things would have to be put off until tomorrow.'

As the opposing council finished his questioning with the second witness in this case, she stood and said, "Your honor, I would like to propose reconvening tomorrow morning, as I would like to question the witness without interruption. "

"Your proposal is approved, council. This court is adjourned for today, and wil l reconvene tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock."

KNOCK. The judge's gabel slammed down on his desk, he quickly left the room.

As the courtroom cleared out, Madison piled her papers which she would need tomorrow into her bag. Turning to Mark she said, "Let's hope it goes better than this during the next few days. Otherwise, we're sunk."

"This whole case has been impossible. WHERE is Andrew? He was supposed to bring that file in today!" replied Mark.

"I'll phone him from the car and see what the delay is. That file is in the Confidential over at the T.R.A.D.E., but it's not impossible to get ahold of. Walk out with me?"

"Sure thing, just let me grab this."

Mark took a video cassette and placed it in his bag. "I wouldn't want to lose this - it'll make or break our case."

"Absolutely! Don't take your eyes off of that."

Mark and ….. left the quiet courtroom to enter the busy, noisy, and media-filled hallway of the Sydney courthouse. The press attacked them wanting to know every detail of the case. The two lawyers turned and re-entered the empty room they had just left. "Now what do we do?" asked Madison, "I don't think a simple "No comment" will work this time. They're going to want to know all about the video tape that we confiscated last night, I don't want anything to get out before tomorrow. Which way do we get out of here?"

"This the only way," her partner replied, "Unless we burst through Judge Lander's chambers? That's something I don't want to do."

"I was thinking more along the lines of the back hallway. I discovered it when I worked on the Smyth-Lynn case. He was brought in through a secret rear entrance because of the death threats he received previous to the hearing."

"Well, which way do we go? You make the decision.. you're the Senior Partner here," he said, laughing, "Do we stop in to give Judge Lander a goodnight, face the media or take the back entrance?"