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The other day as I was standing in the corridor of Université de Sherbrooke, the university that my boyfriend attends, I heard a professor talking to a student. I am assuming that this student was doing his Master's degree and was working at the Uni. that day. The subject that they were talking about made me think about how our society is contradicting itself a little bit. The professor was telling the student to take time and enjoy the summer while he is still young, there will be time enough to work later on in life. I found this very strange to hear considering that while doing a Master's degree you must work through the summer sessions. In a sense what the professor said made all the sense in the world to me too. Summers should be enjoyed by younger people they are not yet forced to trek into work on those hot days to cave in to the "daily grind."

To afford the things that most teenagers and young adults want today, we are forced to work summers. Parents with two or more children usually can't afford to buy all the expensive clothing, games, electornics, etc. that are the latest craze or "needed." The one thing that we have all heard is "if you want it, earn the money to buy it yourself." When is the easiest time for students to work ? The summer of course. So, this is where the conflict comes together. I can`t see how we, as students, can be told to enjoy our summers if we must work through them. A good education is hard to come by these days but is a must to get a reasonably good-paying job. Summer jobs are a great help to pay for tuition, books, and the rest of college and university. Most people think that they can live off of government loans, but find out quite quickly that $1500-$2000 per session won\rquote t necessarily go too far. I have personally worked for the past four years saving up so that I can now attend college. I feel that with a good background, I can go through college with the help of loans and overall I will be less stressed out. This still means giving up summers to work and replenish what money is used up during the school year. Where is my fun summer? I'm only 24, I count that as being young!

Many teenagers start by delivering flyers or newspapers, cutting grass or raking leaves in the summer it's a start, but where is the summer fun? Everyone needs a little fun, or else they will be bored. When you are bored, you are less productive it just doesn't work well. I can only see that it comes down a personal choice work and miss out on the fun, or have fun and miss out on the money. I think that if you plan your time right, there is also some middle point where you can work and play as well in an even balance - just like anything else. I hope that I will have the means to let my future children have fun in the summer as I have had.

I don't know what the University student's choice came down to - maybe he's off on vacation right now. I hope that whatever he is doing, he is having at least a little bit of fun... afterall it's summer right?


By, Kim

~\~*~ July 11, 2000 ~*~