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Giving a Statement

"You're going to be seen as the ‘bad guy' again if you take off Madi," warned Mark.

"I like to keep them on the edge," she laughed.

"Sure, sure. Come on, let's get down there. You have to make that statement."

Madison caught a glimpse of the awaiting media from the staricase as they descended. "They just love this, don't they…"

"The early bird catches the worm Madi, as soon as you're done, they'll be off to make the kill. Go get ‘em tiger!"

Madison stood on the last marble step, a place where no one would expect her to speak from, ‘Keep them guessing,' she thought to herself. "There has been a major breakthroughs, one new pieve of evidence has come into our possesion."

"What is it?" yelled one of the reporters.

"I'm not at liberty to divuldge any detail on this evidence, but I will state that we are confident that it will be extremely eye opening - in all senses."

C'mon honey, give us some juicy tales," yelled the sleazy journalist from before, "We want sex, lies and videotape!"

Madison's blood started to boil…should she remain calm or just let him have it.