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Madison Wells

p>Name: Madison Wells

Age: 36 years

Address: 48 Lakeview Drive

City: Sydney

Job Title: Third Senior Partner

Originally From : London

Reason for Transfer (written by Madison Wells) : I requested the transfer because I was tired of prosecuting only hardcore criminals. I needed something new, and defending everyday people appealed to me. Sydney was reccomended to me by Detective Andrew McCoy, of the Sydney Police Department (District 11), who has been a friend for many years. I was told that there was an opening at Roy & McHenry for another partner - and here I stand today.

Background and Current Status: Born in London. Graduated from the University of Arden in 1989 with a degree in Law (second in her class). Worked from clerk to second in command over 10 years at Dion & Blake. Never married, no children. Single status. Third partner at Roy, McHenry & Wells.