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Taking Off

"I just want to go home," replied Madison.

"Well, if you do leave, you're going to be seen as the ‘bad guy' in this town by the media again."

"Oh, such is life. Let's take off."

Madi and Mark walked down the now empty corridor. At a distance there was the sound of a side door opening. "Who's crazy enough to be here at this time of day?" asked Mark.

"Probably just some law student working late, or an intern doing research. I remember being at the courthouse until closing time some nights back then."

"And now you're the law genius!" exclaimed Mark, making a completely serious face.

"Yes, and YOU are the aspiring intern… No, silly me," she said laughing, "Third year! Sorry Mark, I can't help teasing a bit."

Not all of us can climb the legal ladder as quickly as you Miss. Genius," a tone of admiration and respect was present in his voice.

"Thanks Mar…"

Madison never finished her sentence because she was on the floor. Mark turned to see a figure in black before smelling the bittersweet scent of chloroform. He fought to stay awake, but quickly lost the battle. Madi awoke to find the tape missing and Mark on the ground. Should she call 911 or try to help Mark herself first?