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Saving Mark

"Someone wanted the videocassette, they knocked Mark and I out and took off," she explained.

"Did you see their faces?"

"No, just their guns," she replied, half joking.

Madi moved around to see Mark, but her head was aching so she grabbed hold of it. "Madi," started Andy in a concerned tone, "Are you all right?" he put his arm around her.

"I'm fine. I've just got a nasty bump on my head and it hurts a bit - nothing ice can't cure."

"Yeah right."

Andy asked one of the paramedics to check Madi out too. It was suggested she see a doctor. "I'll take you," said Andy.

Just then Mark started to regain conscienceless, "Madi…"

Madison left Andy's warm arm, and rushed over to Mark's side - Andy's face showed the slightest bit of jealousy. "Are you all right Mark?" she asked, taking one of his hands.

"The tape Madi... they took the tape."

"It's okay Mark, just concentrate on you right now."

"Time to go," said a paramedic.

"I'll come with you Mark…" started Madison.

Andy interrupted, "No Madi, I'll take you to be checked out."

Madison looked from Mark to Andy. Who should she go with?