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My final day of work wasn't even close to grueling. I tried to make it as fun as possible for my three kids, in hopes that they would remember me from time to time. I let them do things that we have more or less counted as "special treats" on normal days. I also baked a cake and iced it so that we could all have a little goodbye party. my sister came with me to say goodbye since she has helped me in the summers and now and then whenever she could. We managed to put together a scavenger hunt - indoors thanks to the rain. It turned out well and the kids had a lot of fun; so did we for that matter. To see the three co-operating and trying to find things around the house that we had put on the list was priceless. There was no screaming, fighting or arguing. Priceless... At the end of the scavenger hunt was a pot of gold. The kids loved their gifts in a way that I could tell whey would be treasured from now, until forever.

When their father arrived home, we spoke for a while, mainly about the move and change that would follow within the next month. During this time, the oldest daughter (to be 9 years old in August) talked to me constantly. She gave me a rock that she had found on the driveway and told me to keep it as a gift. I can only assume that she did not want me to forget her - as if I ever could.

I have learned so much in the past four years taking care of them that I could not forget a single moment. So many fun times have passed there, and a few stressful ones too. From all of it, I have grown and expanded my horizons in that domain. I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity. Saying goodbye was hard, very hard. For everyone's sake I held back the tears and just made sure that the kids knew they would see me again. They are the important part in this well drawn picture.

Having found the new babysitters myself, I know my kids are in good hands. I saw them last weekend and all is going well. I try not to think about them too much, because that just brings up this undescribable pain. For every child I see while shopping, out walking on the street... I think of my three little monkeys who love to jump on the bed. I miss them...