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I officially have four days left until I move. After living in a "home" for practically 24 years, my sister and I are moving into a 4 1/2 room apartment. Things will be so incredibly different and at the same time I hope it will bring my sister and i even closer together (I must mention that we have grown up as each other's friend as well as being sisters). That is the good part.

As for moving itself - what a hassle! I am going to be going to school for three years in that city (hopefully) and I plan to live in the same place. I refuse to move again! Before ending work on June 30th, I spent evenings and some weekends packing. You never realize how much stuff you can collect over a certain period of time until you have to pack it. I ended up passing some of my "collectibles" on to the kids that I took care of, I returned long-lost things to my mom and sister; and, in return for all of my good deeds, I packed up a couple of my dad's new "second hand from a friend" Point Zero shirts - they have already come in handy.

The boxes began to pile up as my room disappeared Now that all the boxes are sitting in my room, and I am here in Sherbrooke (2 weeks vacation with Xavier), my only thought is - where am I going to put all of this stuff!?! It seems like so much, but it fit nicely into my room at home, so it should fit into a 4 1/2 room apartment. No matter how much I threw away, there was still a lot of my stuff left over to be moved. One thing that has been fun is buying new things for the apartment. From pots and pans, to a picture of two puppies to hang in the bathroom; it is all tons of fun!

Though I have to admit that after 24 years in the same place - my home - it is not easy to just pack up and leave. We are only moving an hour away, but sometimes it seems much further. I`m going to miss my blue room and the times that I spent in there with my cat - even though he died two years ago, it seems like only yesterday we were lying on my bed together. I will always have the memory of kissing my first "true" boyfriend there, having my first computer there... and of all the other firsts, seconds and much more.

Things always seem to change no matter what. We have no control over that, but it isn`t always a bad idea. Though if I can stay in one place for the next three years, the years that I will be going to college, then I will be more than happier to!