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Alone Tonight

Lying here alone tonight,
Missing you so much.
Memories of being close to you,
Longing for your touch.

Only this morning,
I was in your arms.
Under love's sweet, magical spell,
Because of all your charm.

Though I will see you soon again,
My tears do easily flow.
Lying here alone tonight,
A kiss to you I blow.

~April 26, 2000~



There never seems to be enough time,
To tell you how much I care.
You know my life, my secrets;
With you, everything I share.
I only feel lonely,
When you're not here by my side;
In reality you're always with me,
In my heart you are alive.
My thoughts of you are constant,
Without them I would be sad.
I think of our next time together,
So that I won't feel so bad.
Loving you is oh so easy,
Being away from you is the hard part;
Though no matter what, I won't give up,
Because I love you with all my heart.

~April 26, 2000~



Love Through the Day

The dawn is breaking,
The sun is awake,
And only for you, my heart does quake.

High noon it is,
I sit right here,
My thoughts are only of you my dear.

The evening arrives,
Silohettes on the pond,
I long for the one of whom I am fond.

The sun is setting,
The day is through,
I lie at night dreaming of you.

~April 27, 2000~